Sunday, 7 June 2009


Dear Blog,

It has been a busy few weeks recording and rehearsing but we now have loads of new material and a crazy new live set. After much messing around with some new bits of equipment a darker side to the material has also developed… namely tracks like ‘Walk Alone’ and ‘Stone Bridge’… Walk Alone is up on the space for you to have a listen…

We had the pleasure of doing a full feature interview with Mixmag last week as well which will be coming out at the end of the month. The photo shoot was pretty interesting… A lot of white paint and balloons in an east London studio! Will be in the shops very soon.

Lovebox is only round the corner so get your tickets now! We are playing on the Sunday with Joakim and Simian Mobile Disco on the relentless stage… Should be a nice relaxing Sunday afternoon… Will be posting set times in due course.

If you happen to be in Paris next week we will be at the Panic Room (101 Rue Amelot) for the Vulture Party on Wednesday 17th June. Alan Brax, Das Glow and Kila Kela are also on the line up so should be a good one… Feel free to send us a message on myspace for guest list action if you're in the area!

London dates being added shortly.


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you guys are awesome.

wats up with an interview for my blogsite.

not gonna lie.

you guys are one of my favorite bands.

cult of the romance was on repeat mode today. couldnt stop listening to it. and right now im listening to la love. great tune.